Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lachele Cullen


I love Twilight....New Moon.....Eclipse.....and the 4th one...I forget what it's called...ha ha!!! I've re-read the whole Twilight saga in 3 weeks.... I absolutely love it! I read it to and from work, and on my breaks at work. I've been dreaming about Edward lately, I get soooo lost in those books! I made fun of those books for the longest time ever.... Vampires and Wolves....Puuhhhhlease! Thats why I never got into Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings because it sounded stupid. But I aboslutely love Twilight, I watched the movie 4 times in theatre, and I watched it everyday for a week after it first came out! I <3 Twilight!

They're filming New Moon in Vancouver and I'm tempted to go there Edward stalking... Not even kidding..... Who wants to come?!?!?!

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Sarah C said...

You are a dork! I love them too though. I plowed through all of them in less than 10 days - TOTAL!!